Tyga Eats Money…Literally

You got it, that’s Tyga (born Michael Stevenson, HA) of Young Money Entertainment. Hip hop heads across America are wondering why he wasn’t the target of Ice T’s wrath instead of Souljay Boy and Hurricane Chris?! I mean, don’t get me wrong they come in close second and third but Tyga reigns supreme as hip hop’s public enemy number ONE. Why you ask? I’ll tell you why…

  1. He’s the cousin of Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes (I know they might be one of your guilty pleasures, but can we agree that should be a secret?)
  2. He’s been co-signed by Weezy (boooooring!!! and a major red flag)
  3. His crew boasts the name “G.E.D.”…word? ( peep his chain in the above pic) Y’all are honestly gonna stunt with that name? I know it stands for “Get Every Dollar” but the original acronym is “General Education Degree” and what a PERFECT coincidence/double meaning. Y’all couldn’t even cop them high school diplomas? I know that’s a low blow but c’mon, I just can’t get down with that being considered cool, that shit is strictly WACK$AUCE.
  4. His hit song is about Coconut Juice (let’s be clear about one thing: “put the lime in the Coconut and twist it all up” = worst hook in hip hop) and his new MySpace hit single “AIM” actually tops the absurdity of Coconut Juice: “she don’t know my name, she just knows me by my AIM”. Apparently, you’re certified hot shit when women only know you by your screename and MySpace username? WTF? That’s plain embarrassing fool…
  5. Superficially, his neck is dumb long…I mean, that shit just looks awkward.
  6. Tyga has a bad record of getting robbed for his chain$ by frenemies AKA ex-GED members (who probably just want to get famous by staging these ridiculous publicity stunts) and is now notorious for “clearing his name” vis-a-vis youtube videos. Unfortunately, these videos have back fired on him and are used by hip hop bloggers to prove his lameness. OK but this most recent Tyga video takes the mothereffin’ cake y’all!!! I know it’s boring but please, watch the whole thing because this fool actually EATS $200 as if it’s chewing tobacco…or as Tyga says “tobocco” hmmm….:
Ugh, we have the same phone. Respect? Moving right along: someone should let Tyga know that “eats money” is a metaphor not be taken literally. EATING money is just plain stupid…and clearly impairs your ability to speak correctly. He better throw that ish up and use it. Oh and garfield bling? Word? Dancing on your boy w/ the fro pick’s shoulder? That’s family? Sigh, it almost feels wrong to write about Tyga after Fela…I think you get the idea, stay away from this dude and if you see him in the “streets” you should probably jack his chains…just kidding. Hating is indeed a bad habit but so is eating money, ya dig?
2 Responses to “Tyga Eats Money…Literally”
  1. melenny; says:

    tyga is hella fine!!

  2. Aneehya says:

    u r so cute

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