Community Love

“the longing for love and the movement of love is underneath all of our activities” — bell hooks

Das Racist — Chicken and Meat

I am embarassingly late on throwing this gem up on the blizog. I know I inudate my readers with the many accomplishments of my friends but it just has to happen. What’s there to say about this video? I have a paralyzing love burst for these two everytime I watch (it also induces serious meat … Continue reading

Nick James Presents The Original Samples

One of my personal favorite producers (and people, period), Nick James recently put out two comprehensive compilations of original samples to his remixes: American Producer and The Nas Remixes. If you aren’t knockin’ those by now, you better catch up! For my fellow archivists and music enthusiasts, you will undoubtedly appreciate these collections of rare … Continue reading

Hit Me On Twitter

I suppose it was only a matter of time before some ignat rapper put out a twitter anthem but this ish is NEXT LEVEL trash! I can’t lie, it’s provided endless entertainment today. There’s no denying the cornball status of lines like “shout out to all my twiggas” and the countless shout outs to @iamdiddy’s … Continue reading

Drake Live @ SOB’s (Full Set)

Shout out to my super homie DJ Ness @ Hot 97 and Miss Info for the hook up!

Malcolm X Jazz Arts Festival

This Saturday May 30th marks the 9th Annual Malcolm X Jazz Festival!!! Be there — I will be.

Little Dragon @ The Independent


“I think it’s time we reclaim these fault lines” — Lauren Whitehead

Ashraf Cameo on Oprah

One of Buggin’ Out’s closest homies, the illustrious Ashraf Rijal, was recently surprised on Oprah at the Best Buy in Midtown on Skype. I can only imagine how strange and unexpected it was to shoot the shit with Oprah on a random TV screen at 10 in the morning on Mother’s Day. As you can … Continue reading

Ivy League Circus

Support the homie, Gordon Voidwell. Listen to his Muxtape for a first taste.