Stay Woke: With Victory Comes Struggle

The people have spoken! That’s right, folks — I am thrilled to announce that the Pennsylvania State Senate finally passed bill 1828 by a vote of 32 to 17. (Sidebar: who are these 17 nay sayers and how do they rationalize voting for the mandatory closing of ALL libraries? Get your mind right!). Nevertheless, this … Continue reading

“For Trent Lott”

“Imagine what we hold in our corners” Roger Bonair Agard reminds me what it means to survive.

Practicing The Piano

The blogging (pronounced: BAHLAWGING) gangsters should issue me a late pass for my failure to keep up with the lightning speed of Internet updates. I’ve officially abandoned the daily update grind — you can keep up with Rap Radar and Nah Right for the new news. One of the many things I have slept on … Continue reading

These Are The Break/s: RIP Grandmaster Roc Raida

Hip hop is in a perpetual state of mourning. Today is no exception. Anthony Williams better known as Grandmaster Roc Raida unexpectedly passed away this morning on September 19, 2009 at the young age of 37 reportedly due to health complications related to a spinal injury (reports have yet to be confirmed). A legend in … Continue reading

Save Free Library of Philadelphia!

The shit storm that is 2009 continues to claim lives (rest in peace, Patrick Swayze) and now even our public libraries are at risk! While the blogosphere and twitterverse continue to beat the already dead horse that is Kanye West to a pulp (yes, I am combining redundant idioms), I hope to shift the focus … Continue reading

The Way She Sees It: Rehes Creative

Buggin’ Out loves Rehes Creative :: Check her out on Flickr and Twitter :: Support Good Shit

Erykah Badu’s MPC Game

Peep my footage of Badu’s MPC game @ Paramount in Oakland!

The Ecstatic Tour 2009

Frisco :: Oakland :: LA

Nicolay Music Presents “City Lights Vol. 2: Shibuya”

DOWNLOAD: NICOLAY MUSIC “CITY LIGHTS VOL. 2: SHIBUYA” SAMPLER What can I say? With Nicolay, I always expect something different, dynamic and beautiful and that’s exactly what I receive in return. Another example of how we are each other’s expectations. Today I have been swimming in an expansive ocean of new music — it’s refreshing … Continue reading

Subtract The Wack: When White People Do Hip Hop

Honestly, I hope drugs were involved in the making of this frighteningly hilarious hip hop rip-off. Photos provided by the homie DJ Ness via twitpic. After some digging, I found these gems of YouTube clips from the actual Hip Hop Homeroom DVD in case you were debating purchasing this for the recession special price of … Continue reading