If It Fits In The Back Pack: 10 Years On The Road With Mochilla

MC Killers. Milk & Serial. Get It? Forget It.

My view is aerial Your crew inferior My crew imperial Mc Killers Milk & Serial Get it? Forget it. You’ll still be connecting the dots with smoking holes in your fitted Those that got it be all at the shows throwing fits The light from the dynasty sign froze all of the critics and nary … Continue reading

Das Racist Drops “Sit Down, Man!”

Generally speaking, we all consider our specific circle of friends to be the flyest, smartest, freshest, most earth-shatteringly talented-est in the game #realtalk #youhearditherefirst type shit. Unless you fancy yourself a loner, we all assume the “hypeman” role for our nearest and dearest. So here I am, delighted to share Das Racist’s mixtape “Sit Down, Man” — the highly anticipated … Continue reading

We Did It In The Park!

“Doin’ It In The Park” 2010. McLaren Park, San Francisco.

Only Few Become Lightning

“light up the sky and live for something / only few become lightning”

FROLAB Presents Mos Def Ecstatic Moments

bright moments always come back vivid

Visual Wizardry: Exhibit A

Let’s kick things off with a contradiction! I pledged not to rewind into the past but alas (yeah, that rhymes), I think these visuals need to be engaged.

Ready Or Not, Here I Come…

My trusted readers, I appreciate all of your love and support throughout the recent dry spell of updates. I got caught up in the tide of life but I have returned with renewed energy and momentum moving forward.

Nneka Ft. Jay Electronica “Walking” (J. Period Remix)

At this point, my unbridled enthusiasm for all things Jay Electronica is self-evident. Indeed, his latest feature on this hypnotic Nneka “Walking” joint (to be included on her and J.Period’s upcoming mixtape The Madness (Onye-Ala) slated to drop tomorrow Tuesday December 15) is no exception.

Love Is Real Vol. 4: Vessels Behind A Moment

“We are all One. Individuals with a unique gift and calling. Still, by a universal vibration, through the art of creation; we are all C o n n e c t e d. Devine by design, it all intertwines.” – Bilal