If It Fits In The Back Pack: 10 Years On The Road With Mochilla

The Making of Act II

“Ladies and gentlemen, love is the only thing that can save us all” — Jay Elect

A Lesson In Ancestral Cooking #BASEDGOD

Clearly, I have a weakness for inventive humor. I’ve been drafting (read: procrastinating publishing) an in-depth analysis on the phenomenon that is Lil B and the entire “based god” movement…but for now, let’s take a moment to enjoy the above “Pretty Boy” Soul Train edit. The timing is perfectly synchronized and the classic archival “Soul … Continue reading

I strongly dislike Celebrity Gossip but…

is this forreal? I know it’s problematic to give a fuck but it feels like the perfect “marriage” to stage. I’ve always been partial to Nicki for her theatrics and every Drizzy verse that refers to her (or his “lust” for her) is beyond painfully performative. In some ways this would be an appropriate publicity … Continue reading

Cee-Lo “F**K YOU!”

How brilliant is Cee-lo for this one? In a matter of weeks, he’s accumulated over 3 million (!!!) hits on YouTube. Apparently, we all share the same strong urge to melodically sing “F**K YOU!” to someone resisting our love. Beyond the brilliant use of humor, this joint has an addictive quality to it — as … Continue reading

24 Hour Karate School Visual Mixtape

While we continue to wait in thick anticipation for (the very elusive) “24 Hour Karate School” to drop September 7th (fingers crossed!), let’s take a moment to appreciate Ski Beatz’s “work-in-progress” process. Now, I’m the first to criticize the emergence of trailers for music videos (mediocre ones at that) but the above “visual mixtape” demands … Continue reading

Madlib Medicine Show No. 8 :: Advanced Jazz

The Madlib Invasion continues with the 8th installment of the Madlib Medicine Show aptly titled “Advanced Jazz”. In January, Madlib launched his ambitious once-a-month, twelve-CD, six-LP series of “original hip-hop, remix, beat tape and jazz productions” alongside “mixtapes of funk, soul, Brazilian, psych, jazz and other undefined forms of music from the Beat Konducta’s 4-ton* stack … Continue reading

Just Blaze x Jay Electronica Live @ Yoshi’s SF

Lately San Francisco shows have been particularly saturated with rhythmically challenged white people who confidently mis-quote Gang Starr (RIP Guru!) lyrics and furiously nod their heads…off beat.

FROLAB Presents Mos Def Ecstatic Moments

bright moments always come back vivid

Visual Wizardry: Exhibit A

Let’s kick things off with a contradiction! I pledged not to rewind into the past but alas (yeah, that rhymes), I think these visuals need to be engaged.