Buggin’ Out Exclusive: Apl!iq’s Downtown Getdown

What’s good, world? Yours truly will be taking a road trip down to the city of angels this weekend to host Apl!iq’s downtown getdown to celebrate our first year in Los Angeles. The secret spot at 8th and Broadway will be disclosed in exchange for your RSVP (don’t sleep on this!). For the loyal apl!iq … Continue reading

Buggin’ Out Approved: Sin Nombre

A Buggin’ Out MUST SEE suggestion: SIN NOMBRE. Do yourself a favor, go see it.

Ian Cohen to the Rescue!

Just when I thought everyone was drinking the kool aid, Ian Cohen proved me dead wrong (phew!): “Y’all act like you’ve never seen a white person before. And yet, here we are, a decade removed from The Slim Shady LP and before even selling one record, MC Asher Roth has generated opinions so ingrained one way or … Continue reading


Santa Inoue’s Santasistc! is the focus of an upcoming with Monchhichi. Largely unknown outside of Asia, the Monchhichi franchise has been wildly popular as collectibles, achieving great success thanks to a number of difference releases and styles over the years that often mimic real-life counterparts. The Santastic! version includes some clear references to Santa’s clothing … Continue reading

Spittin’ Game

It gets me everytime! For those of you who don’t know, you better find out. Bay Life all day.

Kid Cudi x Funk Flex

I can’t even lie, I think a lot of the questions I raised in the previous post about Drizzy are implicitly addressed in this two part interview between Kid Cudi and DJ Funk Flex. I respect Flex keeping it “150” with Cudi and I definitely respect Cudi’s relaxed demeanor…no defensiveness whatsoever. I also love Flex’s … Continue reading

Blackberry Freestyle

I think we can all agree that technology has switched up the game. I recognize the irony in knocking Drizzy for reading a “freestyle” (whatever that means these days) off his Blackberry while quoting tweets from older heads disillusioned with the ever-changing nature of hip hop. The absurdity of twitter aside, FWMJ spurred quite a … Continue reading

American Sign Language Matchbooks

Learn how to sign with NYC based artist JK Keller’s clever matchbox guide. Via BOOOOOOOM.

Black Dante — Flowers

“Get real or get wack!” Black Dante. The Ecstatic drops June 9, 2009. The anticipation builds…

Snack Attack!

No one does snack food like Asian people. We go HARD(body)!!! These are my favorite sweets. Which snack is YOUR favorite? 1) Pocky 2) Yan Yan 3) Koala’s March