Lying Poets

The (in)frequency at which I post about Björk does not adequately reflect her influence on my life. My sisters and I took a necessary break from Björk when admiration turned addiction and we couldn’t make it through the day without listening to at least one of her albums from beginning to end. It was a full blown … Continue reading

Bloody Black Friday

“A Wal-Mart employee in suburban New York died after being trampled by a crush of shoppers who tore down the front doors and thronged into the store early Friday morning, turning the annual rite of post-Thanksgiving bargain hunting into a frenzy. The 34-year-old employee, who was not identified, was knocked down by a crowd that broke … Continue reading

Happy Thingstaken!

My people! Happy thanksgiving AKA Happy thingstaken! Normally, I would use today as an opportunity to talk about genocide and our nation’s history of using holidays like Thanksgiving to erase histories of systematic killing rather than acknowledge and pay our respects to the OG forefathers and mothers. I suppose I just did. However, my family arrived … Continue reading

Conspicuous Consumption

How many pay checks is that worth? Save some $$$ for the banks, ya dig?

Welcome To Heartbreak

I just finished reading the Kanye cover story from The Fader and I thought I’d throw my initial reactions and undeveloped thoughts out here in cyberspace. To begin, I think Yeezy’s first speech at the American Music Awards on Sunday night nicely captures the spirit of the article: he wants to be Elvis. So, let’s … Continue reading

The New Collection

I’ve always had an unhealthy obsession with jewelry and the new collection of Swarovski Crystal rings is only adding fuel to fire. Finally, the designs cater specifically to my style: big and bold! I usually go for men’s watches precisely because I hate the dainty aesthetic of most women’s watches designed for an outdated perception … Continue reading

Weekend Update

Miles Toks. Anita. New NailzZz. Cat + Laser Pointer = My Life

A-Trak: Fat Free Since 1982

For those of you Internet folkers who have yet to succumb to the dark force that is Twitter, you’re seriously missing out! You can catch the homie Sam (of caughtintheweb fame) and I exchanging words with Q-Tip, Miss Info, Jay Smooth, ?uestlove and the wildman pictured above, A-trak. In any case, I recently started following … Continue reading

Little Dragon

Speaking of Sweden, I’ve been HARDBODY diggin’ on Swedish-Japanese singer Yukimi Nagano and her electronic band Little Dragon based in Gothenburg. I’m not sure what’s poppin’ off over there in Sweden but there is no shortage of brilliant and unique music being produced now (or ever, really). I’m similarly seduced by Yukimi’s voice quality as … Continue reading

Little Bit Lykke Li

The time has come for Buggin’ Out to co-sign Swedish songstress and full time heart throb, Lykke Li. Admittedly, I put homegirl on the back burner after she blew up assuming that her talent didn’t match her hype…but I’ve officially caught the Lykke Li bug that appears to have bit the blogosphere and millions of adoring … Continue reading