Re: Nailed It

I love a good challenge and my homegirls over at Honeycrate posted this fly pic of Eve baracking the vote with her portrait nails. Dope, fasho. Given that I’m on a budget and don’t have the celebrity hook up to nail salons with silk screening capabilities, I collaborated with my girl over at King Hair … Continue reading

Happy Halloween

Party On Fountain

HA! That is the jam and the video features many a friend…sigh, it makes me feel a bit nostalgic for drunken nights @ The Tomb and stoopin’ it with the 54 Home crew (and Lashawn!). It even makes me miss brunch at WesWings (Hangover Special!) and getting caught in the butts tunnels that one time…LOL! I … Continue reading

Q-Tip’s Renaissance

Let’s be clear about one thing: there would be no Buggin’ Out without Q-Tip and so it is my duty to continue reminding all of you lovely people about the highly anticipated release of his album The Renaissance next Tuesday on election day, November 4, 2008. A historical day to be sure. (I’m in the … Continue reading

C+ :: The Light Source

All you avid HoneyCrate readers might remember an earlier post of mine introducing Oakland based visionary Chris Mueller and his innovative brainchild C+. To jog your memories (and for those who are unfamiliar with this undertaking), C+ is a brand that “stands for enhanced vision (C+ = see plus). C+ is a lens through which to … Continue reading

Addicted To Weed

“RockStar Society is a group of people who are not with the hype of following trends, instead we set the trends and follow what we create. We are independent people who depend on no one but ourselves. Unity is the key to life and one must grasp the concept before they can claim their goals … Continue reading

2 Minutes To Midnight

“Not even King Midas could make a jacket that outshines this joint, brought to you by none other than LRG. The 2 Minutes To Midnight Jacket shell is made from 100% genuine leather, and features silk lining, a gold studded main body, a metal LRG logo label on the chest, welt side pockets, an LRG … Continue reading

Life In Marvelous Times

I post about Mighty Mos so often that I’ve nearly exhausted all google image searches and my own iphoto gallery, daaaaamn. If that’s not love, what is? Let’s get down to business: TODAY tracks leaked from Mos’s upcoming album The Ecstatic (dropping soon on Downtown Records) including his newest single Life In Marvelous Times (I’m … Continue reading

Just Kickin’ It

“Kick off your shoes and relax your feet, Party on down to the Xscape beat. Just kick it. Just kick it, just kick it.” Another 80 degree sunny Frisco day and it’s Friday, let’s get it poppin’!!!

Go Wes, More Press

“Wesleyan University in Connecticut has spawned artists such as MGMT, Amazing Baby and Santogold – and there’s a lot more to follow. In this week’s issue we investigate the university famous for producing endless writers, producers and general bigwigs in Hollywood.” – NME This week’s issue of NME Magazine features a 2-page spread about *drum roll … Continue reading