The Glow

Mos Def: “The Glow” Yessir, that’s certified new shit! At the moment, Mos is in the studio with Outkast producer Mr. DJ banging out some more brilliance for our ears. In addition to putting out “The Glow”, Mos partnered up with Philly based clothing brand UNDRCRWN on the Watermelon Syndicate project — a collection of limited edition … Continue reading

The Good Life

I need to take a break from unpacking! While all y’all spend the long weekend ballin’ out of control back at Wes (shout out to Mikey and Lashawn!) or at some remote beach, I’ll be holed up in the apartment with my sister and her boyfriend setting up our soon-to-be-fly cribbo. I’ll be sure to … Continue reading

Bang This In The Whip

THIS WEEK’S BANGERS T.I., Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne + Jay-Z “Swagger Like Us” To be honest, I think this track is seriously overrated. I understand that the line up is ridiculous but the flows don’t always compliment the beat. Don’t get me wrong. I can appreciate the effort and I love hip hop collaborations (read: … Continue reading

Bon Qui Qui Redux

This might be everyone’s favorite MadTV skit (brilliantly played by comedian Anjelah Johnson); however, no one impersonates Bon Qui Qui quite like Internet savvy homo thugs. You have to check out these hilarious budget @$$ remixes, wow…I’m trying to remember life before youtube! GAY BON QUI QUI GAYER BON QUI QUI

He Said She Said: Palimpsest

Tell us a story, Tell even us. Begin wherever you wish. I forget when it begins or ends but I remember the sea… I remember fighting for my first breath against the push and pull of the tide. I remember coming into consciousness; That unsettling adjustment period marked by A dizzy spell from resisting external … Continue reading

Checkmate: Sarah Palin

McCain’s pick for Vice President, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, might actually top the absurdity of Daddy Yankee’s endorsement as evidenced by the above still frame. POLITICS IS A DIRTY GAME!!! What is really good with white womanhood in this election? It’s like some bizarre secret weapon deployed to “divide and conquer” across party lines. It … Continue reading

He Said, She Said: Nas

Silhouetted against the sunset, Nas looked out into the crowd and said, “I don’t believe in politicians or none of that. I believe in the people.” — Jeff Chang

Jeff Chang: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Phew, I have mad love for American journalist and Hip Hop critic Jeff Chang and this ill @$$ glamour shot of him! I’ll do a rapid fire run down of his major accomplishments for those of y’all who don’t know: Chang graduated from Iolani School in 1985, continued on to co-found Solesides record label while simultaneously … Continue reading

This Type Love

It’s another beautiful San Francisco summer day, a taste of what’s to come. Unfortunately, good weather makes me long for a good man. Alas, they are few and far between and I’m already too tired to play games. I just want a simple and steady life, ya dig? Until then, I plan on watching this … Continue reading

“No Drums, No Hook, just New Shit”

I want to overwhelm you with Jay Electronica until you’re forced to look him up and listen. You feel me? Don’t sleep on this dude, he might take longer to put out material than all these Internet savvy cats but his flow will grow on you if you’re patient and respect true lyricists who refuse … Continue reading