FROLAB Presents Mos Def Ecstatic Moments

bright moments always come back vivid

Richard Avedon: Ruminations on American Photography

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SF MoMA) is currently exhibiting the enrapturing work of American fashion photographer Richard Avedon. Admittedly, I tend to be skeptical of photography as a medium out of being subjected to the mediocre portfolios of boring self-proclaimed “photographers” who applaud recycled and uninspired angles and lighting. I found the … Continue reading

Sharpshooter Exclusive: TONE

Rarely do we recognize the efforts of those working behind-the-scenes. The dedicated individuals who document our vibrant culture(s) and make leaving a powerful legacy possible. To initiate this process of paying respect to these crucial observers, creators, and artists in their own right, I am kicking off a new blog section called “Sharpshooters” (which is … Continue reading