Free Shit

Another day, another hip hop show missed. Last night Q-Tip and Busta ripped it at The Knitting Factory in NYC at a FREE show presented by Okay Player, word. I have to say, I’m really feelin all these free shows being thrown lately to generate hype and throw folks a bone amidst all the bullshit … Continue reading

Miracle At St. Anna

I’m too tired and emotionally drained to share any nuanced reaction right now but please go see Spike Lee’s new joint Miracle At St. Anna. Heads up: it’s three hours long and if you’re like me, you’ll probably cry a great deal (mostly towards the end). I’ll say this much: I truly loved it. Here’s … Continue reading

CR10: Breaking The Chains

I woke up with a pounding migraine to the latest news story that the House of Representatives voted down the $700 BIllion Bailout Plan. I’m not sure what to make of it (shocking) and my headache is preventing me from thinking clearly so bear with me. I’m sure I’ll hit y’all with some rant later … Continue reading

Many Moons Debut

FINALLY! Janelle Monae’s Many Moons video premiered and it’s as good as I would’ve guessed. I love the storyline and runway shots. She’s coming back to Frisco tomorrow but I don’t have enough $$$ to catch her twice in 2 months. Plus, I’m reserving my going out funds for Kid CuDI on Wednesday night at … Continue reading

“My Mom’s HELLA Gay”

Courtesy of Rachel Fischhoff. Vote NO on Prop 8.

It’s About To Go Down

Y’all already know what time it is. Tune in: Tonight @ 8pm ET

Esperanza Spalding

This one is for Austin who just made my day by putting me onto jazz vocalist, bassist and composer Esperanza Spalding. Born in Portland, Oregon (1984), Esperanza was inspired to pursue a career in music as a young girl watching classical cellist Yo Yo Ma perform on Mister Roger’s Neighborhood. I first met Yo Yo … Continue reading

An Open Letter to Annemarie Bean

“Annemarie Bean, who goes by Anna and is a distant, poorer cousin of the family that owns the L.L. Bean clothing business, is the kind of professor who draws students to small New England liberal-arts colleges like Wesleyan. She is funny, enthusiastic, devoted to her students and passionate about what she teaches. Her subject areas are … Continue reading

Art Files: Rajkamal Kahlon

Birthplace: Auburn, California (1974) Medium: Painting (with experiments in performance and mixed media) Alma Mater: University of California @ Davis and California College of Arts & Crafts Relevant Themes: Colonialism, torture, the racial grotesque, space/place I had the pleasure of listening to Rajkamal Kahlon lecture tonight at California College of the Arts on “Double Consciousness: Painting and … Continue reading

Feeling Good, Feeling Great. How Are You?

“The search is what everyone would undertake if he were not stuck in the everydayness of his own life. To be aware of the possibility of the search is to be onto something. Not to be onto something is to be in despair” — Walker Percy If only I had a shirt that said: I … Continue reading