Can You Hear Me?

One day we’ll see you again…with that same old beautiful smile… Rest In Peace, Dave. We love you. Tomorrow may never come For you or me Life is not promised Tomorrow may never show up For you and me This life is not promised I aint no perfect man Im trying to do, the best … Continue reading

Everyday I’m Hustlin’

This shit is hella goooood!!! This shit is hella funnnny!!! This shit is hella perfeeect!!! The facts are as follows: Beef Don is the true don. Katt Williams is the funniest man on planet earth and my newest addiction. He’s actually coming to San Francisco in two weeks but the remaining tickets are $180 each. … Continue reading

Real-est Talk

WHAT’S REALLY HOOD, BOY CRISIS? Hello Future Famous Friends (FFF). I think we can all agree this is as perfect as a band photo gets. Shout out to Victor and Tal for the choreographed hand gesturing and Owen for the obscure prop useage. If you’re not familiar with these certified lady killers, they go by … Continue reading

Real-er Talk

Good morning, World! …AKA my narrow readership. In any case, I am thoroughly enjoying another beautiful bay area morning snuggled up by with a bowl of Puffins “Honey Rice” and hot tea by the bay window in my sister’s future room. Bitting her style, just a little bit. Before I hop in the shower and … Continue reading

Real Talk