MGMT vs. Sarkozy

I have to exploit this photograph of Ben and Andrew of MGMT fame simply because it captures shirtless intraspecial love and one of those silly hats stoner snowboarders wear indoors. In other news, the MGMT boys are too busy suing world leaders to pose with adorable kittens for photoshoots. That’s right, if you haven’t already … Continue reading

Party On Fountain

HA! That is the jam and the video features many a friend…sigh, it makes me feel a bit nostalgic for drunken nights @ The Tomb and stoopin’ it with the 54 Home crew (and Lashawn!). It even makes me miss brunch at WesWings (Hangover Special!) and getting caught in the butts tunnels that one time…LOL! I … Continue reading

An Open Letter to Annemarie Bean

“Annemarie Bean, who goes by Anna and is a distant, poorer cousin of the family that owns the L.L. Bean clothing business, is the kind of professor who draws students to small New England liberal-arts colleges like Wesleyan. She is funny, enthusiastic, devoted to her students and passionate about what she teaches. Her subject areas are … Continue reading

The Tell-All Campus Tour

Wesleyan is everywhere. In your ipod, at your local movie theater, on the news, off broadway and all up in the blogosphere. You can’t escape the reach of it’s giant octopus tentacles (they can grow to 150 feet!). I never knew attending a small liberal arts college in Connecticut would eventually come to haunt me … Continue reading

The Prophetic Realities Project

That’s just one of eighteen painted portraits of spoken word poets, ages 15-20, from the Bay Area featured in The Prophetic Realities Project. Evan Bissell (friend and Wesleyan alum) is the artist responsible for bringing this imaginative and innovative project to life (also made possible via Cultural Equity Grants program @ San Francisco Arts Commission–gotta … Continue reading

Go Wes?

As if playing muse for Gucci: “Gucci’s casual wear had a slightly more rock influence. Fluorescent touches were seen on military jackets and thin cashmere sweaters, inspired by what Gucci called “fluokids”, a musical youth movement. It said the collection was inspired by the style of the band MGMT”. Read more …and getting props and … Continue reading

The Hype Machine

Wait, motherfuckers make trailers for their mixtapes now? Holy shit! The Hype Machine is in full effect. Although, I’m not convinced Kid Cudi said much of anything. Something, something “the game is changing” something, something “It’s all me”. If I’ve learned anything about successfully generating hype, it’s that you don’t have to say ANYTHING substantial to … Continue reading

Real-est Talk

WHAT’S REALLY HOOD, BOY CRISIS? Hello Future Famous Friends (FFF). I think we can all agree this is as perfect as a band photo gets. Shout out to Victor and Tal for the choreographed hand gesturing and Owen for the obscure prop useage. If you’re not familiar with these certified lady killers, they go by … Continue reading