Art Is Garbage

“If we live in a creative universe, we are constantly pushing the chaos out of the way to protect ourselves from the nonlogical — the natural,” muses Vik Muniz at an interview late last year at Tokyo Wonder Site. “Even when you think, you create waste. But everything is made in a way to conceal … Continue reading

The Devil in the Graphoscope

“As I think back, I can’t help assigning a questionable sense of purpose to every idea I ever had– it is a graphoscope of sorts, a straight line from the first doodle I made as a child to this very moment, as I write this disclaimer. A young artist, a student, or simply an art-world … Continue reading

The Youth Are Starting To Change

I have to post MGMT’s latest music video release to “The Youth” directed by Eric Wareheim simply because as creepy and nostalgic as it is, I think it’s quite clever and well done. I would love to know who these four kids are and where they learned to dance. It reminds me of a quote … Continue reading