“It Would Behoove You”

I refuse to push DiCaprio’s “non-partisan” PSA to encourage “young America” to vote. It’s silly, condescending, and just plain stupid. Also, an uninteresting collection of celebrities. Also, you know me, I’m not about “non-partisan” anything. I know I’m largely alone on that tip but c’mon y’all it’s no time for diplomacy this close to November … Continue reading

Nostalgic for D’Angelo

Does anyone miss D’Angelo as much as I do? Lately, I’ve been reconnecting with Voodoo and Brown Sugar and damn, they still move me like few albums can. I know the man went through hard times and made mistakes along the way with serious drug abuse and frequent court date appearances on his record but … Continue reading

FELA!: A Plea From ?uestlove

Ever since I joined twitter (48 hours ago), ?uestlove has been breaking me off non-stop with new shit from the unreleased Lauryn Hill joint to the subject matter at hand: FELA! Off-Broadway. For the record, y’all should join twitter and add me (my username is: isanaka) because it’s actually mad addictive and fun for no … Continue reading

The Republican Hater’s Ball

Shout out to Jay Smooth over at Ill Doctrine. I love following the witty @$$ exchanges btw him, ?uestlove and Miss Info on twitter, they are truly hilarious.

World Is A Hu$tle

Lauryn Hill — World Is A Hustle ?uestlove just leaked the new Lauryn Hill joint on twitter and I suggest y’all download it ASAP and let it ride for the full eight minutes. I will follow her to the very end and even then I’ll be right by her side. To everyone who gave up … Continue reading