I strongly dislike Celebrity Gossip but…

is this forreal? I know it’s problematic to give a fuck but it feels like the perfect “marriage” to stage. I’ve always been partial to Nicki for her theatrics and every Drizzy verse that refers to her (or his “lust” for her) is beyond painfully performative. In some ways this would be an appropriate publicity … Continue reading

Cassie Upgrade

I don’t mean to contribute to the exploitation of Cassie’s look but daaamn, girl is making this work!

White Bentley Mystery

Honestly, I can’t keep up with all the Hip Hop gossip circulating on the Internet in the last 24 hours alone. First it was the record breaking number of blog posts about Chris Breezy and Rihanna’s “altercation” last night coupled with a few cheap shots at Usher and his wife’s plastic surgery complications in Brazil … Continue reading

Tweets of Wisdom

I couldn’t have said it any better. Who twitters for Biggie? I love you!

Taking It Personal

The last time I blogged about Elliott Wilson was when gushing about my unconditional love for the genius that is (and continues to be): ego trip. However, this time around things are hitting a bit closer to home. Through the strange power of the Internet (specifically via Twitter), friend and fellow “gangsta blaw-gah” Sam Han recently linked … Continue reading


Twitter is the only social network that allows you to talk with people dead or alive. What more could you possibly ask for in one website? Jump ship, join now. Follow me. I know, that sounds intense but it’s just twitter speak for add me. I swear.

A-Trak: Fat Free Since 1982

For those of you Internet folkers who have yet to succumb to the dark force that is Twitter, you’re seriously missing out! You can catch the homie Sam (of caughtintheweb fame) and I exchanging words with Q-Tip, Miss Info, Jay Smooth, ?uestlove and the wildman pictured above, A-trak. In any case, I recently started following … Continue reading

FELA!: A Plea From ?uestlove

Ever since I joined twitter (48 hours ago), ?uestlove has been breaking me off non-stop with new shit from the unreleased Lauryn Hill joint to the subject matter at hand: FELA! Off-Broadway. For the record, y’all should join twitter and add me (my username is: isanaka) because it’s actually mad addictive and fun for no … Continue reading