Pill 4075: The Refill

DOWNLOAD :: Pill 4075: The Refill :: Who better to break my blogging hiatus than Atlanta’s Pill? Hailing from numerous projects in the ATL, Pill also known as “Young Psych” in Pink City (where he currently resides) is breathing new life into the rap game. After the first listen, I immediately drew a parallel between … Continue reading

Practicing The Piano

The blogging (pronounced: BAHLAWGING) gangsters should issue me a late pass for my failure to keep up with the lightning speed of Internet updates. I’ve officially abandoned the daily update grind — you can keep up with Rap Radar and Nah Right for the new news. One of the many things I have slept on … Continue reading

O’Spada “Time”

Download: O’Spada — “Time” I first heard this joint in the car with Christine (The Remix Queen) on our routine commute across the Bay Bridge to Berkeley. Let’s just say, I fell in love the second the beat dropped. It comes as no surprise that O’Spada is a Swedish band and that Fader is responsible … Continue reading

Welcome To Heartbreak

I just finished reading the Kanye cover story from The Fader and I thought I’d throw my initial reactions and undeveloped thoughts out here in cyberspace. To begin, I think Yeezy’s first speech at the American Music Awards on Sunday night nicely captures the spirit of the article: he wants to be Elvis. So, let’s … Continue reading

Fear and Loathing in Hunts Vegas

Wait, I’m buggin’ out right now. I’m upset that I haven’t heard about Paper Route Recordz until today. It’s possible that this is another one of my cave dweller moments in which everyone else but me is in on this Paper Route Recordz secret but this discovery just made my day! I have to give a … Continue reading