Nicolay Music Presents “City Lights Vol. 2: Shibuya”

DOWNLOAD: NICOLAY MUSIC “CITY LIGHTS VOL. 2: SHIBUYA” SAMPLER What can I say? With Nicolay, I always expect something different, dynamic and beautiful and that’s exactly what I receive in return. Another example of how we are each other’s expectations. Today I have been swimming in an expansive ocean of new music — it’s refreshing … Continue reading

The Plot Thickens: Jay-Z “Off That”

It’s official: not even Timbaland production can save The Blueprint 3. Feel free to disagree with me but this track is straight trash. Shout out to OKP for keeping it one hunnit and heeding the wisdom of Andre 3000 — “‘this old lady told me if I ain’t got nothin’ good, say nathan..” Nathan’ it … Continue reading

The Business of Creativity: Art & Copy

As an interesting follow-up to my previous post, I stumbled upon the trailer for Art & Copy (via @DeePhunk over at Trees For Breakfast) that raises similar questions about the business of creativity. The trailer opens with the following quotation: “The frightening and most difficult thing about being what somebody calls a ‘creative person’ is … Continue reading