Straight Talk Express

Shout out to Lisa for putting me onto this one…Hilarious

McCain: The Greatest Force of Douchebaggery

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I would say that’s a fair summary of tonight’s boring, awkward and awkwardly repetitive debate. You can imagine how easy it was to create an image far more interesting than the event itself. I took the liberty of adding costumes to the otherwise terrified participants (anyone else struck by … Continue reading

Palling Around With Terrorists

Can we all agree that Tina Fey is on FIRE right now? From her latest book deal to 30 Rock’s beloved Tracy Morgans’ recent claim that “I think her impersonation of Sarah might decide who’s gonna be the next President of the United States”, Fey is quite obviously sitting on top of the world. I even … Continue reading

Diddy Blog #24

I think that summarizes my thoughts on tonight’s debate. So does this.


“I GOT LOST IN A BLIZZARD OF WORDS” I feeeeeeeeel you homieeee! Following suit from John Stewart’s brilliant bit on Palin’s crash course in foreign policy vis-a-vis Wikipedia, Gibson unearthed Palin’s reliance on sound bites, political cliches and party lines. I know, that’s nothing new but let’s be honest about Obama’s legit ability to hold … Continue reading

Seven Years Later

“The more things change, the more they stay the same” Today marks the 7th Anniversary of 9/11 and look at where we find ourselves now. Seven years later, there’s a decent chance that Sarah Palin could one day (in the near future) be pronounced President of the United States of America. No one wants to … Continue reading

Typical Diddy

Those of you who know me already know my feelings towards Diddy. Those of you who don’t know me can probably infer my feelings towards Diddy. He’s a joke. A very funny, entertaining, arrogant and rich joke. Trust me, this is not a highly contested opinion. As his latest “vlog” (video blog), brought to you … Continue reading

The Republican Hater’s Ball

Shout out to Jay Smooth over at Ill Doctrine. I love following the witty @$$ exchanges btw him, ?uestlove and Miss Info on twitter, they are truly hilarious.

Pimp The System

—>OH SNAP!!! I haven’t felt this angry in a hot minute. I hope you don’t read my blog for rational political analysis because there’s no more room for that type of bull$hit in the world right now. I don’t know what’s worse: Palin’s cheap shots at community organizing (“I guess a small town Mayor is … Continue reading

Checkmate: Sarah Palin

McCain’s pick for Vice President, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, might actually top the absurdity of Daddy Yankee’s endorsement as evidenced by the above still frame. POLITICS IS A DIRTY GAME!!! What is really good with white womanhood in this election? It’s like some bizarre secret weapon deployed to “divide and conquer” across party lines. It … Continue reading