Lykke Li Live @ The Fillmore

My very first attempts at documenting a live show, more to come! Stay tuned…

Gentrified: 1, Gentrifiers: 0

“When American Apparel announced plans to open one of their shops on Valencia Street, some merchants and residents were less than thrilled. The fight to keep formula retail out of the shopping corridor came to a head at Thursday night’s (02/05) Planning Commission meeting.” — Andy Wright, SF Weekly Blog In local Frisco news, American … Continue reading

Around The Way Girl

As far as I’m concerned, every fly girl needs a pair. Go cop ’em at True Clothing.

Semillas Rebeldes: Harvesting A New Sound

It’s on picture perfect days like today when the unspeakable beauty and energy of the city awakens. While soaking up the sun in Dolores Park, I realized that I haven’t paid proper dues to the vibrant music and general cultural activity coming out of California. I thought I’d start by giving you a taste of … Continue reading

Winter in San Francisco

Frisco Fall




Until yesterday, I never knew what Fleet Week was or who the Blue Angels were (did you?). The website will have you believe that it’s a “spectacular weekend celebration of the men and women in the armed forces” but in actuality it’s an excuse for white North Beach and Marina folk to host debaucherous rooftop parties … Continue reading

LoveFest: Free Your Mind

“In this time of economic and political turmoil, a celebration of love, peace, justice, and tolerance is just what our country needs,” said Dr. Syd Gris, board member. “We do not dance in the streets to escape the reality of our times – we dance to face them as a community, pointing the direction to … Continue reading

The Good Life

I need to take a break from unpacking! While all y’all spend the long weekend ballin’ out of control back at Wes (shout out to Mikey and Lashawn!) or at some remote beach, I’ll be holed up in the apartment with my sister and her boyfriend setting up our soon-to-be-fly cribbo. I’ll be sure to … Continue reading