Bright Moments: Ocean Beach Edition

An afternoon full of sky, sand and sun.

We Did It In The Park!

“Doin’ It In The Park” 2010. McLaren Park, San Francisco.

Only Few Become Lightning

“light up the sky and live for something / only few become lightning”

Never Ask For Water From A Stone

“never ask for water from a stone”

The Bizarre World of Harput’s

For being such a small city, San Francisco has an impressive number of boutiques with choice selections of everything from vintage to collector’s kicks. After living here for nearly two years, it’s easy to rely on the usual spots instead of exploring other avenues. Fortunately, I was introduced to Harput’s on Fillmore (two storefronts to … Continue reading

The Bridge

“in order to hold on, you need to release / in order to keep, you need to let go“

The Way She Sees It: Rehes Creative

Buggin’ Out loves Rehes Creative :: Check her out on Flickr and Twitter :: Support Good Shit

The Ecstatic Tour 2009

Frisco :: Oakland :: LA

The Way I See It

Revived an old collection of polaroids documenting my life in the Bay Area. Enjoy!

Bright Moments

“bright moments always come back vivid” — black dante