Bang This In Ya Whip!

Big Boi feat Gucci Mane “Shine Blockas” for the legit penmanship. yadadamean? Stevie Wonder “For Your Love” (Nick James Remix) for the kind of shine only love can bring Hudson Mohawke “Still On It” for boys from Glasgow, Scotland with big dreams and dirty beats Shafiq Husayn “The UN Plan” for those who know no … Continue reading

Stay Woke: With Victory Comes Struggle

The people have spoken! That’s right, folks — I am thrilled to announce that the Pennsylvania State Senate finally passed bill 1828 by a vote of 32 to 17. (Sidebar: who are these 17 nay sayers and how do they rationalize voting for the mandatory closing of ALL libraries? Get your mind right!). Nevertheless, this … Continue reading

Sa-Ra “Bitch Baby”

Download: Sa-Ra — “Bitch Baby” Shout out to Smoking Section for this exclusive download to the first leak from SA-RA’s upcoming album Nuclear Evolution: The Age of Love dropping on Ubiquity Records on June 23rd. As an aside, you can peep the full tracklisting & PR @ the G.O.O.D. blog. Looking forward to that drop!

What NOT To Wear

You might find this picture in the Dictionary under the listing: “OD”

In the Mood

Loves! My bad for the infrequent posts this week, it’s been beautifully busy. As frustratingly unstable and hectic as the twenties are, there is something exciting about never knowing what tomorrow brings. I’m starting to embrace the chaos (I think it’s the only strategy that works). My gift to y’all today is spreading the word … Continue reading