The Gift of GIf’s

Like Father, Like Son

Turns out, I’m a sucker for dorky dance offs and studio rats. I’m also partial to father/son duos: Like father, like son? Maybe it’s all an act or gimmick but something is working here.

Ryan Leslie Leak

That said, I won’t even bother leaking his ish. Look out, February 10th (if you aint broke like me)! Clearly, dude is possessed but I got to give him props for getting everyone HYPE in the studio

Ryan Leslie is Just Right

For many of us, Ryan Leslie produces many a guilt pleasure from joints like “Addiction” to “Diamond Girl” to his collection of contrived and completely absurd “behind the scenes” production youtube videos that showcase RLES bringing tracks to life in his pimped out Harlem studio. It’s difficult to tell if Leslie acts buckwild in these … Continue reading