Ready Or Not, Here I Come…

My trusted readers, I appreciate all of your love and support throughout the recent dry spell of updates. I got caught up in the tide of life but I have returned with renewed energy and momentum moving forward.

Splittin’ Atoms, Spittin’ Flames, Bringin’ Change

Major props to FroLab for providing this exclusive footage from the New Orleans stop on The Ecstatic tour. For obvious reasons (New Orleans is Jay Electronica’s hometown), the N.O. show will most likely be the one to beat (unless it’s unbeatable). You can catch me BUGGIN’ the eff OUT through the entirety of Jay Elect’s … Continue reading

When the Levee Breaks

Almost three years to the day, Hurricane Katrina survivors find themselves facing yet another disaster and everyone seems to be asking the same question: Is this really happening? The Gulf Coast is still reeling from both Katrina and Rita with tens of thousands of New Orleans residents left homeless, displaced or housed in over crowded … Continue reading