Nat King Cole is my heart. My parents played Nat King Cole records when I was just a fetus chillin’ in my Mama’s tummy. (It runs that deep). You can imagine my excitement for the recently released Nat King Cole album RE:GENERATIONS executive produced by Carole Cole (Nat’s daughter). The album features an impressive and … Continue reading

Imagination Inspires Nations

This is where it all started. A Mexican joint in North Beach 2 blocks away from Bimbo’s with my darlings, Ana and Ashraf. After receiving a fortune cookie that read: an unexpected thing will happen to you, a wide-eyed angel faced boy miraculously appeared before Ashraf and sold him a $22 ticket to the sold … Continue reading

Play On, Playboy

What many of you may or may not know is that well before the days of Playboy’s Penthouse andThe Girls Next Door Hugh Hefner hosted his very own show called Playboy After Dark. It had a short run (too short if you ask me) between 1969-1970. The show was thought to be quite controversial back in … Continue reading