Weekend Update

Miles Toks. Anita. New NailzZz. Cat + Laser Pointer = My Life

Re: Nailed It

I love a good challenge and my homegirls over at Honeycrate posted this fly pic of Eve baracking the vote with her portrait nails. Dope, fasho. Given that I’m on a budget and don’t have the celebrity hook up to nail salons with silk screening capabilities, I collaborated with my girl over at King Hair … Continue reading

The Living Word Festival

It’s about to GO DOWN this weekend. Head’s up: I won’t be blogging much for the next several days as I’ll be running around in between San Francisco and Oakland helping out with the kick off events for the 7th annual Living Word Festival. Tomorrow we (Youth Speaks) will be facilitating workshops that explore our … Continue reading


“If you a fly gyal, get your nails done, get a pedicure, get ya hair diiiid”

No, I’m NOT Filipina

I’M BUGGIN’ This is how I feel after job searching on Idealist.org and Craigslist.com for hours and finding absolutely nothing. I’m giving myself until September 1 to acquire an inevitably mediocre job to pay the bills. You see, I’ve decided to commit to the artist hu$tle, which means i’ll be juggling several part times for … Continue reading


I will always have a fondness for Kid Sister and this video in particular. Early 90s ski-jackets, fingerboards, fast beats and good hair = No complaints. I heard rumors of the cheap and extra fly hand designs out here in Frisco so I did some field research to see what all the hype was about. … Continue reading