M.I.A. Goes To War

Aside from stealing the show at the Grammy Awards with enough swagger to out shine Hova, Ye, Wayne and TI, MIA has been busy using her celebrity as a platform to spark discussion on genocide in Sri Lanka. She recently sat down with The Daily Beast’s Toure to talk in depth about her interpretation of … Continue reading

How Many Votes Fix Mix

Here’s what FADER has to say about M.I.A.’s new ish: “No matter how far out she gets, M.I.A. continues to be in our brainspace. The latest example of synchronicity would be the new net-plate from her How Many Votes Fix Mix EP. It’s called “Shells”—as in things that wash up on the beach from exotic lands … Continue reading

M.I.A. = Preggers

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Check out MIA and Rye Rye‘s new track: Tic Toc That’s my gift to y’all after a string of angry posts, I know you need a break from politics. Don’t we all? Get down to this hot fireeee!!! Tic, tic, tic, tic, tic TOCK!!!

Go Wes?

As if playing muse for Gucci: “Gucci’s casual wear had a slightly more rock influence. Fluorescent touches were seen on military jackets and thin cashmere sweaters, inspired by what Gucci called “fluokids”, a musical youth movement. It said the collection was inspired by the style of the band MGMT”. Read more …and getting props and … Continue reading