MeLo-X Madness!

It’s been too long since I last posted on my number one brooklyn boopiece, Melo-X. There isn’t enough room in this restrictive white box to comment on all the projects he’s been busy grinding on so let’s highlight a few. First, the video clip featured above is an introduction to “” which will take you … Continue reading

Melanie Fiona Gives It To Us Right

“I’m not trying to run your life, that’s why I’m nobody’s wife” — Melanie Fiona For the first time (in a long time) I am genuinely satisfied with the music being put out. With the recent release of Maxwell’s masterpiece BLACKsummers’night, MeLo-X’s subsequent instrumental remix of Maxwell’s album, Bilal’s Return of Mr. Wonderful mixtape and … Continue reading

Convivial Gentry Presents Izza Kizza & Friends

The homies are throwing another rager. It’s about to be as hype as the flier. Come through!

MeLo-X DJ Tour Dates

The homie MeLo X is coming to a city near you! Peep game and show him some love!

Free Blow Jobs?

Ha, MeLo got a taste of the quintessential San Francisco crazy person during drops, peep!

Buggin’ Out with MeLo-X and Mickey Factz

MeLo-X and Mickey Factz showed love to Frisco and Buggin’ Out last night, check it: HOOOOOOLLLLAAAAA!!! Stay tuned for more Buggin’ Out exclusives!

MeLo-X: Google Alerts Download

DOWNLOAD: “Google Alerts” (Nite n Day) — MeLo-X Buggin’ Out’s sweetheart MeLo-X released “Google Alerts” (Nite n Day)” earlier today on and his personal blog. As you might guess, it’s hot fiyah!!! I think he successfully added his own flavor to the track and brought a new energy to the beat. Remember to cop … Continue reading


I respect CuDi’s authentic stoner status. I mean, turntables transform into pizzas?!?! I could do without the random Travis Barker cameo but I appreciate the simplicity of his outfit and y’all already know how I feel about skullys. Speaking of day’n’nite, here’s a sneak preview of MeLo’s rendition: via OnSmash and Herfection

Buggin’ Out Exclusive: Inside the Mind of Mustafa

Malcolm MeLo Mustafa X is a fitting name for this larger-than-life Renaissance man. He can make you a beat, solve your rubik’s cube, rock your photoshoot, and throw you a crackin’ party with an explosive name like Electric Punanny without even breaking a sweat. With the release of his highly acclaimed FREE downloadable mixtape, Mustafa’s Renaissance, MeLo … Continue reading

Three Musketeers: Jesse Boykins III, Theophilus London + Melo-X

You don’t have to be a giant cornball like me to appreciate the soulful vocals of Brooklyn based R&B singer, Jesse Boykins III. Equipped with a timeless sound, Jesse “shares a point of view that crosses all genres and generations. Every note and each word in all his recorded works to his live performance is … Continue reading