Bodega Vendetta “Freak Love”

I am officially breaking (nearly) a YEAR of silence! Ta-da! Did you miss me? The feelings are mutual. Fear not, I come with a sonic offering to make up for my absence. I have been working on a mix with my friend, Marcus (#GoWes) inspired by “Cuffing Season“. As with any creative output, there is … Continue reading

This Type Love

It’s another beautiful San Francisco summer day, a taste of what’s to come. Unfortunately, good weather makes me long for a good man. Alas, they are few and far between and I’m already too tired to play games. I just want a simple and steady life, ya dig? Until then, I plan on watching this … Continue reading

New Ish

—>Shit, another beautiful morning. I woke up underneath this very window, staring straight into the sun. Hard life, huh? Since then, I’ve relocated to the neighborhood spot where it is currently POPPIN’. The Europeans are out in full force for the month of August (to boast their euro in my face and buy out all … Continue reading