The Year of the Ox

Happy New Year: The Year of the Ox (via LA Times)

Semillas Rebeldes: Harvesting A New Sound

It’s on picture perfect days like today when the unspeakable beauty and energy of the city awakens. While soaking up the sun in Dolores Park, I realized that I haven’t paid proper dues to the vibrant music and general cultural activity coming out of California. I thought I’d start by giving you a taste of … Continue reading

The Electronic Mayhem: J*Davey

J*Davey is 2 parts. 1 part Jack Davey. 1 part Brook D’Leau. Considering they’ve been out for a hot minute, I’m assuming most of y’all are already well acquainted with their hybrid sound and new wave aesthetic (but just in case you don’t, I thought I’d write a lil something something). Hailing from Los Angeles, … Continue reading