Perez Hilton Is Racist

It’s either the end of the world as we know it or the homies Heems and Kool AD of Das Racist are actually featured on Perez Hilton right the fuck now. Just when I thought Pitchfork’s flattering review was record breaking, I come home from dinner to find several facebook posts sharing the link to … Continue reading

Convivial Gentry

With a line-up like this, it would be criminal not to (bottle up and) GO!!! Check the flier for more info: Gordon Voidwell: BiLLLL$: Bottle Up & Go: Kool A.D.: Friends With Benefits: Via the money man Steve


I’ve developed a bad habit out of late night coffee runs. Tonight, Ana took me to the hypetastic Ritual Roasters (<—that is one baller a$$ website for a coffee joint) in the Mission. The coffee was off the chains but the hipster saturation levels were overwhelming. For now, we’ll stick to Guerilla Cafe in Berkeley…Shout out … Continue reading