Understanding “We Were Once A Fairytale”

There’s nothing quite like a Spike Jonze joint staging the assisted suicide of Kanye West’s symbolic ego to spark lively debate. The first 10 minutes leading up to the final scene artfully expose the hoax of fame and celebritydom (is that even a word?) as the god-like presence of Kanye West collapses onto itself (something … Continue reading

Save Free Library of Philadelphia!

The shit storm that is 2009 continues to claim lives (rest in peace, Patrick Swayze) and now even our public libraries are at risk! While the blogosphere and twitterverse continue to beat the already dead horse that is Kanye West to a pulp (yes, I am combining redundant idioms), I hope to shift the focus … Continue reading

Drake ft. Wayne, Ye, & Eminem “Forever” Leak

+ DOWNLOAD: Drake feat. Lil Wayne, Kanye West & Eminem “Forever” (prod. Boi-1da) + We might be breaking records this week for the number of leaks! I kept my expectations fairly low for this “all star” collaboration precisely because their names alone generate enough hype to get by on mediocrity. However, Eminem’s superior performance and … Continue reading

South Park Remix

South Park gets the greenlight from Buggin’ Out…I’m still sipping on the haterade, y’all.


Mr. West (or one of his shadow bloggers) released the video for “Welcome to Heartbreak” today with the pathetic disclaimer: “we know there is another video out there using the same technique so we were forced to drop it now”. In fact, it’s more of a defense than a disclaimer. Without over sharing the back … Continue reading

Buggin’ Out Exclusive: Inside the Mind of Mustafa

Malcolm MeLo Mustafa X is a fitting name for this larger-than-life Renaissance man. He can make you a beat, solve your rubik’s cube, rock your photoshoot, and throw you a crackin’ party with an explosive name like Electric Punanny without even breaking a sweat. With the release of his highly acclaimed FREE downloadable mixtape, Mustafa’s Renaissance, MeLo … Continue reading

What NOT To Wear

You might find this picture in the Dictionary under the listing: “OD”

Neighborhood Ballin’

Michelle Obama is the flyest first lady Barack Obama can out dance any past President Beyonce’s rendition of “At Last” made me cry…I’m a cornball Kanye West never fails to flaunt bad decisions re: HIS NEW MULLET?!?! (I’m appalled but not surprised)…No hate in ’09! Jay-Z is the first member of Hip Hop royalty to … Continue reading

Brooklyn Go HARD

Jay-Z ft. Santogold — Brooklyn Go Hard Nothing like a Jay-Z/Santogold collaboration to kick off the 9-5 grind. I can get down with a Kanye produced hometown anthem considering Brooklyn continues to be held hostage by the death grip of gentrification. According to Vibe, Jay-Z’s new joint will be featured on the upcoming soundtrack to the … Continue reading

Welcome To Heartbreak

I just finished reading the Kanye cover story from The Fader and I thought I’d throw my initial reactions and undeveloped thoughts out here in cyberspace. To begin, I think Yeezy’s first speech at the American Music Awards on Sunday night nicely captures the spirit of the article: he wants to be Elvis. So, let’s … Continue reading