Just Blaze x Jay Electronica Live @ Yoshi’s SF

Lately San Francisco shows have been particularly saturated with rhythmically challenged white people who confidently mis-quote Gang Starr (RIP Guru!) lyrics and furiously nod their heads…off beat.


Visual Wizardry: Exhibit A

Let’s kick things off with a contradiction! I pledged not to rewind into the past but alas (yeah, that rhymes), I think these visuals need to be engaged.

Jay Electronica x Just Blaze “Exhibit C”

DOWNLOAD :: Jay Electronica “Exhibit C” Produced By Just Blaze :: Shout out to @FWMJ from Rappers I Know for the download link via illRoots Abracadabra! Jay e-mailed @FWMJ the scripture late last night. STUDY THESE! I FEEL GIDDY!

Dear Moleskine

I’m Back! My sincere apologies for slacking on updates. I’ve spent the past month traveling all over the place and I’m just now getting back into the swing of things. Look out for travel flicks coming soon. If it makes a difference: I’ve missed you! My statistics suggest that folks are steady following the blog … Continue reading

Scratches & Demo Tape Volume 1

I can’t speak for everyone else but I’ve been thirsting for more brain food from the one and only Jay Electronica and lucky for me Jay unexpectedly released several tracks off of Scratches & Demo Tape Volume 1: “Annakin’s Prayer,” “Hagler,” and “Not Too Far From Nothing.” According to OkayPlayer, there are two more songs to come … Continue reading