McCain: The Greatest Force of Douchebaggery

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I would say that’s a fair summary of tonight’s boring, awkward and awkwardly repetitive debate. You can imagine how easy it was to create an image far more interesting than the event itself. I took the liberty of adding costumes to the otherwise terrified participants (anyone else struck by … Continue reading

Palling Around With Terrorists

Can we all agree that Tina Fey is on FIRE right now? From her latest book deal to 30 Rock’s beloved Tracy Morgans’ recent claim that “I think her impersonation of Sarah might decide who’s gonna be the next President of the United States”, Fey is quite obviously sitting on top of the world. I even … Continue reading

Play Palin Bingo!

I know I’m posting this 30 minutes before the Palin-Biden showdown but I can’t help myself. If you have a printer in the crib, think about printing one of the four possible bingo cards and getting down. Lord knows she’s going to say “bridge to nowhere” and “maverick” a couple hundred times. You see, they … Continue reading

Green Light

At last, the highly anticipated video for John Legend + Andre 3000’s “Green Light” has officially dropped.  I need to find a party like this ASAP. Who’s with me? Of course, the real couple of the moment is Obama/Biden ’08. Let’s get it.