Nicolay Music Presents “City Lights Vol. 2: Shibuya”

DOWNLOAD: NICOLAY MUSIC “CITY LIGHTS VOL. 2: SHIBUYA” SAMPLER What can I say? With Nicolay, I always expect something different, dynamic and beautiful and that’s exactly what I receive in return. Another example of how we are each other’s expectations. Today I have been swimming in an expansive ocean of new music — it’s refreshing … Continue reading

Only The Japanese…

BUGGIN’ OUT PRESENTS THE CUTEST/STRANGEST JAPANESE CAT THAT EVER LIVED If you know what’s good for you, you’ll watch all of these fat cat videos right NOW!

Family Portraits

It all started in Fukushima-ken, Japan circa 1920; Ito Family Portrait (stuntin’ in kimonos) Fast-forward to Nakazawa Family Portrait in Long Beach, Ca (we started out reppin’ the West Coast!) Meanwhile, mi mama and the whole Rocha familia were over in Uruguay (in their Sunday best!) Ahora si: the very first Rocha Family Portrait taken … Continue reading

No, I’m NOT Filipina

I’M BUGGIN’ This is how I feel after job searching on and for hours and finding absolutely nothing. I’m giving myself until September 1 to acquire an inevitably mediocre job to pay the bills. You see, I’ve decided to commit to the artist hu$tle, which means i’ll be juggling several part times for … Continue reading