Blurring The Line Between Man And Animal

FWMJ and his baller cat Meebo take inter-species bonding to new (intimate) heights = LOL X SMH Dwele also accrues cute points for documenting his dog Rockstar’s fly fit. Cat’s still win…

Jay Electronica x Just Blaze “Exhibit C”

DOWNLOAD :: Jay Electronica “Exhibit C” Produced By Just Blaze :: Shout out to @FWMJ from Rappers I Know for the download link via illRoots Abracadabra! Jay e-mailed @FWMJ the scripture late last night. STUDY THESE! I FEEL GIDDY!

Death of Album Artwork: Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3

With the blogosphere buzzing over the latest leak of the artwork and rumored tracklisting for Jay Z’s Blueprint 3, I’m caving under pressure to offer my two cents. Truth be told, I’ve never been much of a Jay-Z head and witnessing the way fools jock his every move isn’t propelling me into fandom. For some … Continue reading

He Said, She Said: The RZA

“What’s happening right now in the Hip Hop industry is that it is deeply affected by the general economy of the country. The people who are getting the money now are young. When you are young “money” is not the same. I give you an example: If you are 19 years old and you get … Continue reading

Swagger Jackson’s Revenge

Jay Electronica (Produced by 14 K.T.) — Swagger Jackson’s Revenge My two favorite people, FWMJ and Jay Electronica, are back for more. I urge you to download and listen (at least two or three times) to this joint, it’s definitely up there with “Annakin’s Prayer“. Last night, Jay went on another twitter spree and for … Continue reading

Rappers He Knows

—>Look! It’s FWMJ! Written in the book of Scheme, “Frank William Miller Junior, from Brooklyn, NY, to the Philippines, to Texas and then back to New York hip-hop has been to Frank William Miller Junior what Shaq means to the Phoenix Suns; without that dominate force the Suns will never grasp that illustrious championship and … Continue reading

Scratches & Demo Tape Volume 1

I can’t speak for everyone else but I’ve been thirsting for more brain food from the one and only Jay Electronica and lucky for me Jay unexpectedly released several tracks off of Scratches & Demo Tape Volume 1: “Annakin’s Prayer,” “Hagler,” and “Not Too Far From Nothing.” According to OkayPlayer, there are two more songs to come … Continue reading