FROLAB Presents Mos Def Ecstatic Moments

bright moments always come back vivid

BET Cipher 2009: Dante, Black Thought & Eminem

A cipher among equals! Dante, Black Thought & Em revive hip hop over and over again. Salute! Shout out to the Culture Capture Champs over at Frolab for the extra footage of 75 bars

The Ecstatic Tour 2009

Frisco :: Oakland :: LA

Splittin’ Atoms, Spittin’ Flames, Bringin’ Change

Major props to FroLab for providing this exclusive footage from the New Orleans stop on The Ecstatic tour. For obvious reasons (New Orleans is Jay Electronica’s hometown), the N.O. show will most likely be the one to beat (unless it’s unbeatable). You can catch me BUGGIN’ the eff OUT through the entirety of Jay Elect’s … Continue reading

Mos Def x MF Doom

Props to FroLab for catching this late night Mos Def studio rant on the great MF Doom