Blackberry Freestyle

I think we can all agree that technology has switched up the game. I recognize the irony in knocking Drizzy for reading a “freestyle” (whatever that means these days) off his Blackberry while quoting tweets from older heads disillusioned with the ever-changing nature of hip hop. The absurdity of twitter aside, FWMJ spurred quite a … Continue reading

Close To The Edge

Y’all know I can’t go too many weeks without posting about Mighty Mos. Just because he always makes the tokenized rappers list (read: emcee most beloved by white folks) doesn’t mean the people can’t claim him! Shit! I refuse to deny his lyricism and general sexiness. I have yet to post any Mos Def freestyles. … Continue reading


I’ve developed a bad habit out of late night coffee runs. Tonight, Ana took me to the hypetastic Ritual Roasters (<—that is one baller a$$ website for a coffee joint) in the Mission. The coffee was off the chains but the hipster saturation levels were overwhelming. For now, we’ll stick to Guerilla Cafe in Berkeley…Shout out … Continue reading

The Hype Machine

Wait, motherfuckers make trailers for their mixtapes now? Holy shit! The Hype Machine is in full effect. Although, I’m not convinced Kid Cudi said much of anything. Something, something “the game is changing” something, something “It’s all me”. If I’ve learned anything about successfully generating hype, it’s that you don’t have to say ANYTHING substantial to … Continue reading