Divine By Design: Bilal’s “Airtight’s Revenge”

[Divine by design, it all intertwines] Blessed with a voice that defies easy classification, Bilal is a universe to orbit. With a reputation for changing lives through the power of one note — each song he brings into the world tells a compelling story of heartbreak and transformative love. There is an undeniable healing quality to … Continue reading

The Way She Sees It: Rehes Creative

Buggin’ Out loves Rehes Creative :: Check her out on Flickr and Twitter :: Support Good Shit

Erykah Badu’s MPC Game

Peep my footage of Badu’s MPC game @ Paramount in Oakland!

The Ecstatic Tour 2009

Frisco :: Oakland :: LA

Fat Belly Bella

♥ Congratulations fatbellybella & jay electronica on their newly born baby girl ♥

What The F*** Is A Jay Electronica?

“Thanks a lot, Jimi Hendrix”

“No Drums, No Hook, just New Shit”

I want to overwhelm you with Jay Electronica until you’re forced to look him up and listen. You feel me? Don’t sleep on this dude, he might take longer to put out material than all these Internet savvy cats but his flow will grow on you if you’re patient and respect true lyricists who refuse … Continue reading