Blurring The Line Between Man And Animal

FWMJ and his baller cat Meebo take inter-species bonding to new (intimate) heights = LOL X SMH Dwele also accrues cute points for documenting his dog Rockstar’s fly fit. Cat’s still win…

Dwele “Travelin’ Girl” (Live)

Dwele Baby, I feel lukewarm about the extra fat dookie rope chain but I dig everything else.

Slum Village “Actin’ Normal”

Actin’ Normal directed by Dwele. Rest in power, Baatin. Raise it up…Slum Village forever.

Workin’ On It

My baby Dwele shot a video for this classic Dilla tribute track to send off February with a B-A-N-G!

Money Don’t Mean A Thing

Dwele is a house hold name in the world of soul seekers and music lovers alike. Lately, I’ve been listening to Dwele on heavy rotation to keep up my spirits and provide a complimentary soundtrack to this lovely streak of beautiful weather we’ve been blessed with out here in the Yay Area. (The truth is: … Continue reading

How Do We Deal?

After reading the following letter from Boondocks creator, Aaron McGruder, in defense of his nuanced analysis of Obama’s Presidency, I was inspired to compile a diverse list of critical voices unearthing perspectives and criticisms that remain buried underneath post-election debris. Read on: “For a long time now, I have tried to keep my opinions on … Continue reading