Das Racist Drops “Sit Down, Man!”

Generally speaking, we all consider our specific circle of friends to be the flyest, smartest, freshest, most earth-shatteringly talented-est in the game #realtalk #youhearditherefirst type shit. Unless you fancy yourself a loner, we all assume the “hypeman” role for our nearest and dearest. So here I am, delighted to share Das Racist’s mixtape “Sit Down, Man” — the highly anticipated … Continue reading

Perez Hilton Is Racist

It’s either the end of the world as we know it or the homies Heems and Kool AD of Das Racist are actually featured on Perez Hilton right the fuck now. Just when I thought Pitchfork’s flattering review was record breaking, I come home from dinner to find several facebook posts sharing the link to … Continue reading

Das Racist — Chicken and Meat

I am embarassingly late on throwing this gem up on the blizog. I know I inudate my readers with the many accomplishments of my friends but it just has to happen. What’s there to say about this video? I have a paralyzing love burst for these two everytime I watch (it also induces serious meat … Continue reading

Shorty Said

DOWNLOAD: Das Racist (Prod by Leif) — “Shorty Said” The homies Victor + Himanshu of DAS RACIST recently posted some new HEAT on their página de MySpace and I’ve been meaning to throw it up on the blog for a minute now (my bad for the delay). Truth be told, I was waiting for the … Continue reading


I’ve developed a bad habit out of late night coffee runs. Tonight, Ana took me to the hypetastic Ritual Roasters (<—that is one baller a$$ website for a coffee joint) in the Mission. The coffee was off the chains but the hipster saturation levels were overwhelming. For now, we’ll stick to Guerilla Cafe in Berkeley…Shout out … Continue reading