Beyond Chris Brown and Rihanna

This is what separates amateurs from the professionals. Jay Smooth continues to inspire me.

White Bentley Mystery

Honestly, I can’t keep up with all the Hip Hop gossip circulating on the Internet in the last 24 hours alone. First it was the record breaking number of blog posts about Chris Breezy and Rihanna’s “altercation” last night coupled with a few cheap shots at Usher and his wife’s plastic surgery complications in Brazil … Continue reading


My non-ironic Chris Breezy fandom ends today. Who disrespects RIHANNA? *SMH*

For Lashawn

How can you resist that smile? Elmo! This next one is my favorite…LOL


Can you blame him? LOL! Ok, I love Chris Brown. Always have, always will. I decided to search youtube for any new Chris Brown videos and I came across a behind the scenes look at his latest collaboration with T-Pain on a track called “Freeze”. It doesn’t look like the official video has dropped yet … Continue reading

The Hype Machine

Wait, motherfuckers make trailers for their mixtapes now? Holy shit! The Hype Machine is in full effect. Although, I’m not convinced Kid Cudi said much of anything. Something, something “the game is changing” something, something “It’s all me”. If I’ve learned anything about successfully generating hype, it’s that you don’t have to say ANYTHING substantial to … Continue reading