Dime Piece X Cassie 2009

Among my close circle of friends, I’m known for doing a mean (as in accurate but highly exaggerated) impression of Cassie’s monotone/generic singing style and forced bedroom eyes “exotic” sex appeal. Apparently, the joke is on me because after all I’m dedicating an entire post to the release of her latest clothing line. To steal … Continue reading

Cassie Upgrade

I don’t mean to contribute to the exploitation of Cassie’s look but daaamn, girl is making this work!

Ryan Leslie is Just Right

For many of us, Ryan Leslie produces many a guilt pleasure from joints like “Addiction” to “Diamond Girl” to his collection of contrived and completely absurd “behind the scenes” production youtube videos that showcase RLES bringing tracks to life in his pimped out Harlem studio. It’s difficult to tell if Leslie acts buckwild in these … Continue reading

Official Girl

As much as I hate on Cassie and Lil’ Wayne for being all hype and no substance (which I stand by), their new joint “Official Girl” is the type of catchy r&b track that I can get down with. I sincerely don’t understand how her torso can be so long and flat? I also recently … Continue reading