Bright Moments

“bright moments always come back vivid” — black dante

Happy Endings

A window into the C’est Noir life @ Happy Ending. Shout outs to all my galaxy riders.

SPIN Flash

Flashback to the Apl!iq East Coast Launch Party!!! Spin showed us love (although Steve and I definitely deserve additional shout outs or at least a footnote or two for party planning/hosting). In other news, Apl!iq is proud to present it’s very first workshop open to the public for all purchasing needs! The address is on … Continue reading

Williamsburg, Go Hard!

A Message from the Brooklyn Tourism Board. It’s always best to preempt a justified attack by insulting yourself before anyone else can (and no this does not apply to the Iraq War). Clearly, this video effectively capitalized on what everyone thought (/is thinking) about the diminishing relevance of a Jay-Z/Santogold “Brooklyn, Go Hard” collaboration. That … Continue reading

Apliiq Launch Party

I already know what you’re thinking (I’m a freaking MIND READER, yo): When and where can I party with all those beautiful people to celebrate all the fly gear they’re wearing AND listen to my favorite artists like Theophilus London and Francis and the Lights?!?!?! Don’t stress. The new fresh clothing line Apliiq with the … Continue reading

Brooklyn Go HARD

Jay-Z ft. Santogold — Brooklyn Go Hard Nothing like a Jay-Z/Santogold collaboration to kick off the 9-5 grind. I can get down with a Kanye produced hometown anthem considering Brooklyn continues to be held hostage by the death grip of gentrification. According to Vibe, Jay-Z’s new joint will be featured on the upcoming soundtrack to the … Continue reading


–>That’s funny because y’all really do that. All it takes is one fool from Brooklyn to represent the entire borough, impressive. Last night, I had the pleasure of kickin’ it with an entire BK crew whose bus tragically broke down in Fresno, CA on their way to Frisco. Let’s just say I forgot how much … Continue reading