BET Cipher 2009: Dante, Black Thought & Eminem

A cipher among equals! Dante, Black Thought & Em revive hip hop over and over again. Salute! Shout out to the Culture Capture Champs over at Frolab for the extra footage of 75 bars

Tracy Morgan is The New Black

“My last girlfriend left me because on Valentine’s I got her a snickers and some grass” Jimmy Fallon had the pleasure of interviewing Tracy Morgan for his 100th show (via Endangered Peace) and as per usual, Tracy spoke entirely in non-sequiturs (and we love him for it). Honestly, interviewing Tracy Morgan should be a mandatory … Continue reading

“It Would Behoove You”

I refuse to push DiCaprio’s “non-partisan” PSA to encourage “young America” to vote. It’s silly, condescending, and just plain stupid. Also, an uninteresting collection of celebrities. Also, you know me, I’m not about “non-partisan” anything. I know I’m largely alone on that tip but c’mon y’all it’s no time for diplomacy this close to November … Continue reading