Lord, be havin’ mercy on my soul, I’m havin’ the impression that my life goin’ to be a bowl of cherries, but it’s very hard for me to cope, got tired of being broke, this ATLian aint’ got no time to sit and mope, made up my mind while yall made up yo beds, on … Continue reading

Bang This In The Whip

THIS WEEK’S BANGERS T.I., Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne + Jay-Z “Swagger Like Us” To be honest, I think this track is seriously overrated. I understand that the line up is ridiculous but the flows don’t always compliment the beat. Don’t get me wrong. I can appreciate the effort and I love hip hop collaborations (read: … Continue reading

Green Light

At last, the highly anticipated video for John Legend + Andre 3000’s “Green Light” has officially dropped.  I need to find a party like this ASAP. Who’s with me? Of course, the real couple of the moment is Obama/Biden ’08. Let’s get it.

Bang This In The Whip

Here are this week’s BANGERS: Mickey Factz feat. The Cool Kids “Rockin N Rollin” Mickey Factz once said: “I’m the savior of the Bronx, King of the blogs, and leader of the galaxy and basically what I do is create the greatest music ever.” WOW! Who gets away with that? Mickey Factz. I seriously can’t … Continue reading

Right Now

I’m buggin’ out over: I just copped this jacket: and tickets to see: (Janelle Monae, August 20 @ Bimbos 365 Club) I am in love with: Particularly: I just finished reading: I aspire to be: I love: YOU and my: (Hahahaha, thanks for reading…)