BET Cipher 2009: Dante, Black Thought & Eminem

A cipher among equals! Dante, Black Thought & Em revive hip hop over and over again. Salute! Shout out to the Culture Capture Champs over at Frolab for the extra footage of 75 bars

Dime Piece X Cassie 2009

Among my close circle of friends, I’m known for doing a mean (as in accurate but highly exaggerated) impression of Cassie’s monotone/generic singing style and forced bedroom eyes “exotic” sex appeal. Apparently, the joke is on me because after all I’m dedicating an entire post to the release of her latest clothing line. To steal … Continue reading

Brave New Voices Cipher

Footage from a late night cipher at Brave New Voices 2009! Support these young poets.

Brave New Voices 2009

Photographs of Brave New Voices 2009 provided by Bethanie Hines. Listen to their stories first: “what happens when the master’s master plan back fires?” “why do we have a word for something we don’t have?” “in truth, i’m a little curious, what we would look like dying” Support these young poets by visiting Youth Speaks‘ … Continue reading

Never Dreamed You’d Leave In The Summer