Exposing Strange Logics: Brad Downey

Un-Stitching Karl 2007 :: Berlin, Germany There are multitudes of signals and systems that govern our cities and imperceptibly determine our everyday movement. Artist Brad Downey stakes a claim for the right of the individual to interpret and understand these systems, and thus regain power in the public arena. As a public, we are acclimatized … Continue reading

Bright Moments: Ocean Beach Edition

An afternoon full of sky, sand and sun.

Quadron Covers “Baby Be Mine”

Internet nerds (like me) are rewarded with late night musical treats. A few folks on my twitter timeline were re-posting a link to the video featured above — an exquisite cover by Denmark’s finest Quadron of an MJ classic. Robin and Coco never disappoint and this is no exception — the vocals babble beautifully like … Continue reading

Divine By Design: Bilal’s “Airtight’s Revenge”

[Divine by design, it all intertwines] Blessed with a voice that defies easy classification, Bilal is a universe to orbit. With a reputation for changing lives through the power of one note — each song he brings into the world tells a compelling story of heartbreak and transformative love. There is an undeniable healing quality to … Continue reading

A Lesson In Ancestral Cooking #BASEDGOD

Clearly, I have a weakness for inventive humor. I’ve been drafting (read: procrastinating publishing) an in-depth analysis on the phenomenon that is Lil B and the entire “based god” movement…but for now, let’s take a moment to enjoy the above “Pretty Boy” Soul Train edit. The timing is perfectly synchronized and the classic archival “Soul … Continue reading

Das Racist Drops “Sit Down, Man!”

Generally speaking, we all consider our specific circle of friends to be the flyest, smartest, freshest, most earth-shatteringly talented-est in the game #realtalk #youhearditherefirst type shit. Unless you fancy yourself a loner, we all assume the “hypeman” role for our nearest and dearest. So here I am, delighted to share Das Racist’s mixtape “Sit Down, Man” — the highly anticipated … Continue reading

We Did It In The Park!

“Doin’ It In The Park” 2010. McLaren Park, San Francisco.

I strongly dislike Celebrity Gossip but…

is this forreal? I know it’s problematic to give a fuck but it feels like the perfect “marriage” to stage. I’ve always been partial to Nicki for her theatrics and every Drizzy verse that refers to her (or his “lust” for her) is beyond painfully performative. In some ways this would be an appropriate publicity … Continue reading

Cee-Lo “F**K YOU!”

How brilliant is Cee-lo for this one? In a matter of weeks, he’s accumulated over 3 million (!!!) hits on YouTube. Apparently, we all share the same strong urge to melodically sing “F**K YOU!” to someone resisting our love. Beyond the brilliant use of humor, this joint has an addictive quality to it — as … Continue reading

Only Few Become Lightning

“light up the sky and live for something / only few become lightning”