I’ve been having serious trouble sleeping lately. I try to exhaust myself with dense reading, lowgrade free online TV, AIM back and forths with Maryasin, aimless facebooking (although I’ve recently given up on facebook, the new look killed it), frequent blog updates, iTunes playlists and on and on. I’ve even resorted to listening to my … Continue reading

This Is Water

The loss of writer and fellow idealistic skeptic David Foster Wallace hits particularly hard for some of us. It goes beyond generic fandom somehow and speaks to a deeper and darker place. I’m not feeling especially articulate at the moment and would rather remember him through his words and works. I just finished rereading the … Continue reading

I Have A Massive Crush On…

My boo of the moment: Aaron McGruder After several hours of re-watching Season 2 of The Boondocks, I remembered how much I absolutely adore this man and his brain and his sense of humor and his dimple.


Ah yes, the hipster rap phenomenon most commonly attributed to bloggers and their compulsive need to order and organize everything into meaningless labels and trends. It started with the emergence of acts like The Cool Kids, Kid Sister, Kid Cudi, Mickey Factz, Mikey Fresh and on and on…(basically everyone I’ve featured on this very blog, … Continue reading

Fuck the Police, Fuck the Paparazzi

If you haven’t already heard, Kanye and his peoples took on a worthwhile fight with the Paparazzi today (as every celebrity has and must at some point in their career). Why do people underestimate the likes of Yeezy and Bjork to kick some serious Paparazzi @$$? It goes way beyond a violation of privacy, it’s … Continue reading

From Hipster to Hippie

With summer finally here, everyone is yearning for any and all opportunities to spend their days bathing in the sun…and dancing without abandon at miscellaneous reggae and world music outdoor festivals. Lucky for us, the Bay has no shortage of free concerts and today marked the 10th annual Power to the Peaceful festival @ Golden … Continue reading

When the Levee Breaks

Almost three years to the day, Hurricane Katrina survivors find themselves facing yet another disaster and everyone seems to be asking the same question: Is this really happening? The Gulf Coast is still reeling from both Katrina and Rita with tens of thousands of New Orleans residents left homeless, displaced or housed in over crowded … Continue reading

The Good Life

I need to take a break from unpacking! While all y’all spend the long weekend ballin’ out of control back at Wes (shout out to Mikey and Lashawn!) or at some remote beach, I’ll be holed up in the apartment with my sister and her boyfriend setting up our soon-to-be-fly cribbo. I’ll be sure to … Continue reading

Bang This In The Whip

THIS WEEK’S BANGERS T.I., Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne + Jay-Z “Swagger Like Us” To be honest, I think this track is seriously overrated. I understand that the line up is ridiculous but the flows don’t always compliment the beat. Don’t get me wrong. I can appreciate the effort and I love hip hop collaborations (read: … Continue reading

Bon Qui Qui Redux

This might be everyone’s favorite MadTV skit (brilliantly played by comedian Anjelah Johnson); however, no one impersonates Bon Qui Qui quite like Internet savvy homo thugs. You have to check out these hilarious budget @$$ remixes, wow…I’m trying to remember life before youtube! GAY BON QUI QUI GAYER BON QUI QUI