L.A.U.S.D. Presents: iFeel

DOWNLOAD: L.A.U.S.D. “iFeel” (feat. Miss Jack Davey & Blu) I found this joint via Fresh Selects and have been bangin’ it ever since. Here is some in-depth background info on this specific leak and the on-going collaboration between Miss Jack Davey and Blu. (also via Fresh Selects): “A quick mid-day update for you guys – … Continue reading

MeLo-X: Google Alerts Download

DOWNLOAD: “Google Alerts” (Nite n Day) — MeLo-X Buggin’ Out’s sweetheart MeLo-X released “Google Alerts” (Nite n Day)” earlier today on Herfection.com and his personal blog. As you might guess, it’s hot fiyah!!! I think he successfully added his own flavor to the track and brought a new energy to the beat. Remember to cop … Continue reading

This Charming Night

Theophilus London press flicks courtesy of our friend Ben Rowland — Buggin’ Out approved!

what kinda cool will we think of nexTT?

DOWNLOAD: Cody ChesnuTT — what kinda cool will we think of nexTT? My loyal readers already know of my undying love and admiration for Cody ChesnuTT (but read THIS for a refresher). It comes as no surprise that the release of his latest track “what kinda cool will we think of nexTT?” brings me nothing … Continue reading


I respect CuDi’s authentic stoner status. I mean, turntables transform into pizzas?!?! I could do without the random Travis Barker cameo but I appreciate the simplicity of his outfit and y’all already know how I feel about skullys. Speaking of day’n’nite, here’s a sneak preview of MeLo’s rendition: via OnSmash and Herfection

Life Is Good

DOWNLOAD: Black Dante — “Life Is Good” ***photograph courtesy of Rehes Creative


Mr. West (or one of his shadow bloggers) released the video for “Welcome to Heartbreak” today with the pathetic disclaimer: “we know there is another video out there using the same technique so we were forced to drop it now”. In fact, it’s more of a defense than a disclaimer. Without over sharing the back … Continue reading

Swagger Jackson’s Revenge

Jay Electronica (Produced by 14 K.T.) — Swagger Jackson’s Revenge My two favorite people, FWMJ and Jay Electronica, are back for more. I urge you to download and listen (at least two or three times) to this joint, it’s definitely up there with “Annakin’s Prayer“. Last night, Jay went on another twitter spree and for … Continue reading

Sooner or Later

And now for the least original thought of the day: Pharrell Williams is sexy as shit. Yes, I am aware of how little sense that expression makes. It sounds more like an insult than anything else but hey, as far as I can tell there’s no real logic behind the English language. I digress. For … Continue reading

Until We Bleed

Lykke Li — Until We Bleed